Supplements: How and why to supplement your "Priority" Nutrition

Supplements: How and why to supplement Priority Nutrition

Before my kinesiology clients visit, they may or may not already be supplementing their dietary intake with additional vitamins, minerals/supplements, however the first thing to acknowledge is that there is no substitute for eating a healthy balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, fibre, healthy fats, protein and complex carbohydrate, and this is always the first thing I discuss with my clients. How you get your daily intake may vary, and the UK government Eat Well Guide gives examples of how you can include a healthy intake.

Diet is vital to good longterm health, however, additionally there is now a scientifically sound and well recognised theory/philosophy coined as “The Nutrition Gap”. Well explained and documented here by a most trusted nutritional company, it describes how and why most of us are not getting everything we need from our diet to sustain good health overall and long term. The Nutrition Gap

Another vital element of nutritional health is water intake - the Eatwell Guide suggests 6-8 glasses a day you. You may like to read my other blog on Water intake for health - Children and Adults.

Many of my clients are already health conscious and orientated towards prevention rather than cure before they visit me, and they may already be supplementing their diet in some way/s. As documented by research in the nutrition gap - deficiencies may show up as health issues in may unsuspecting ways. Regarding hydration for example: Mild dehydration of only 2% can impair cognitive function, negatively affect mood and concentration and even mimic anxiety.

So why is supplementation important and why is nutritional testing through kinesiological muscle testing beneficial?

The reasons it is beneficial to have nutrition tested for you is that you never waste a penny on nutrition again because it has tested up in - Priority Mode - via muscle reflex tests (a Kinesiological term - meaning the test demonstrates that a particular nutritional supplement is “the priority”, being - bioavailable, beneficial, and appropriate for that client at that time) The body may have strengthening reflex tests to many types of nutrition, however the Priority Nutrition will be the one/s which will make the most difference and impact, and this is why Kinesiology testing for nutrition is so effective - we get to the heart of what is wanted and needed quickly and effectively.

There are many different varieties of Vitamin C for example; and depending on: your current health, status, any illness, metabolic type, digestive capacity and function, stress levels, age, activity levels - these will all affect which type of C will be best absorbed and utilised. Kinesiology will test the correct supplements which will be beneficial - this is Bespoke Nutrition and the clincher is - when you are on the right nutrition - you will literally feel different, you can feel the effects and benefits.

Different imbalances in the body/muscles/circuits - indicate different possible nutritional imbalances and deficiencies - these can then be tested against a variety of supplements to find the most effective and beneficial option.

Some high street/store/internet brands or supplements appear to be offering good levels of nutrients, however the person may take them and not be able to absorb them properly, or they may not do anything for that person, or they may be filled with other undesirable ingredients or fillers. With Kinesiology - you never waste a penny on nutrition again, there is no guess work! You will feel different when you are taking what your body actually wants and needs. Another consideration is therapeutic dosage of vitamins and minerals, while caution and professional advice is always advised, sometimes in order to support an imbalance or issue - a therapeutic level of nutrition is required. This is not a Reference nutrient intakes (RNIs): The RNI is the amount of a nutrient that is enough to ensure that the needs of nearly all a group (97.5%) are being met. Therapeutic levels of some nutritional supplements are often higher than RNI's and so these can be suggested by a Kinesiologist to help resolve and imbalance requiring higher levels of nutrition. For example - during illness or trauma the body's need for protein can be higher, so finding an appropriate, absorbable and additional source of protein can assist the body rebalance. It is the same with many other nutritional supplements and conditions. It is possible to research and purchase supplements which appear to have fantastic levels of nutrients - however - you may not be able to absorb them for many reasons and so the impact will be minimal.

So in summary, diet is crucial to good health, and so is good hydration. There is a Nutrition Gap which the majority of the population experience, and so supplementing can be very useful when you take supplements the body can absorb and use, and that are from companies which have integrity and create products that have proper Quality Control measures to ensure efficacy, purity and safety.

If you would like to book a kinesiology session to take the guess work out of your nutritional regime - please get in touch. I pride myself on integrity, honesty and professionalism. If you don’t need something, or it doesn’t test up - I won’t recommend it. My goal is to empower my clients to find inner balance and self knowledge about what works best for them, using the incredible modality of kinesiology - the language of the body!

If you are taking prescribed medication, or have a health condition, you will need to check with your GP before commencing supplements, your GP may also additionally sign post you to a Pharmacist to ensure there are no contraindications.


With any persistent health or physical issue, please always check in with your GP or Physician prior to, or at least in parallel with booking a session at Polly Therapy. Kinesiology is not an alternative to qualified medical treatments and or advice.

Kinesiology works well in conjunction with conventional healthcare.

With any issues it is always advisable to ensure are getting support from all possible avenues.

Please contact me if you are unsure or would like advice before booking.