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Hello, I'm Polly

Everything I offer I am deeply passionate about and have great love for, and I am so excited to share this with you.


I have created this website and service as an offering with all of the incredible modalities I have used to successfully support my clients and my own health and wellbeing over the years. 


I have found that having more than one "tool" and modality has been essential in caring and fully catering for rounded wellbeing and through careful design am bringing this unique combination of resources to you.

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My Story

I am a qualified Nurse, RGN status and mainly my experience is in Surgery, Oncology and Endoscopy or GastroIntestinal. 


Although I love elements of nursing, especially the knowledge and skills it has award me, I have left and come back many times because in truth my calling is to more of a holistic approach with more autonomy and flexibility to deeply meet the clients I am supporting. Conventional nursing has and does inform me clinically which is very helpful, but it is very different from the service I offer now.


I love and respect all those who work in the health service and am very grateful for the NHS. Pollytherapy is very different and cannot be compared. However, everything nursing has given me, I bring and use to the benefit and professionalism of what I now humbly offer, which includes the following:

I am a Kinesiology Practitioner with 13 years experience and practice.

I am a Constellator / Systemic Family Constellation Therapist, and trained in Systemic Family Constellations with the CSC to the Applied Level, over 2 years. I am also an Associate Teacher at the CSC. 


I am also passionate about Personal “Parts-Work” working with the individual aspects of our own consciousness. Having done thousands of hours of work, both on my own issues and with individuals and groups in this area I have witnessed the potential and incredible benefits that seeing and integrating some of our internal world can have. 

Parts-Work has been one of the most healing elements of emotional and mental therapy, I have experinced personally. Along with the 'Completion Process' which is a process created by Teal Swan.


My Constellation teachers and tutors were taught by Bert Hellinger, one of the forefathers of Constellation work, interestingly I enrolled on my Foundation course with the CSC the month Bert died in 2019. 

In Summary


  • Registered General Nurse (RGN) registered on the Nursing Midwife Council NMC

  • Centre for Systemic Constellations:

  • I am a Constellator - having Completed the Applied and Foundation 2 year training with The CSC in Systemic Family Constellations 2020/21. Associate Teacher Training  2022.


Systematic Kinesiology:

A Kinesiology Practitioner and Foundation Level Tutor with The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology - accredited by TASK-UK register



Completed and Level 5 Advanced certificate in Nutrition with Diet Specialist AFN Accredited course 


The Completion Process:

I have attended a live workshop with Teal Swan in the UK, and am a student of her teachings on integration and authenticity, and of her emotional process called the Completion Process. I hope to complete the Completion Process Practitioner Training in the near future and have a dedicated practice of somatic processing, and emotional internal integration and meditation.



I am a dedicated Yoga student with 20 years of practice under the guidance of some Incredible teachers:

  1. London, UK - Anna Wise

  2. Australia - John Scott

  3. India - Saraswati Jois (daughter of Pattahabi Jois) Ashtanga

  4. India, Mysore - Bharath Shetty (a direct student of B.K.S Iyengar) Hatha

  5. UK - Audrey Smith

  6. UK - Chris Croft


I have attended 2 x full 10 day silent meditation courses at Dhamma Dipa Vipassana Meditation Centre