Case Study : Kinesiology

Client Concern



Michael came to see me because he was struggling with poor general health, food intolerances, lethargy and had had 4 surgeries and resections in his small bowel for Crohns Disease in the few years previous. Michael was in his 30’s but felt very old and lacking in life force, he wasn’t able to work at this time.

Michael came for a total of about 6 sessions over 4 months.


During the sessions Michael shared that story of how both his parents had very sadly died close together when he was a young man in his early 20’s. This loss had had a huge impact on Michael emotionally, the Small intestine and Small intestine Acupuncture Meridian is connected to the TCM element of FIRE and the emotion of JOY, and Michael admitted that the death of his parents had dramatically impacted his ability to experience joy in the following years after their death, and that is when he was diagnose with Crohns disease.


In the first session we looked at digestion and supporting him to get as much nutrition from the food he was taking in, he also required some supplementation to resolve and support some imbalances in his  upper digestive system. Michael required a digestive aid - an enzyme and also a herbal combination to sooth his digestive system and also gently support his body’s ability to create “digestive fire” not fire at all actually, but the energy to digest fully and well.


Also in the treatments a lot of energetic/electrical balancing was needed. Huge grief and loss and also the surgeries had created imbalances in the energetics of his system.

These were detected by using a wonderful technique called Emergency Modes - where you can ask the body if there are any urgent issues in the Electrical/Energetic, Nutritional, Emotional, Structural fields and then test to find out which needs balancing and what may be required.

After balancing the energetics in the body deeply for a couple of sessions it was then possible to star to work on and balance the Endocrine system and support and restore his Adrenals which had been weakened by all of the stress and illness. Michael required support on all 4 areas to balance him, Nutritional - supplements to support his body, Emotional- recognising and working though emotions and releasing using Emotional Stress release Technique, Energetic - balancing of the energy centres and circuits, and Structural - we worked a great deal on his ICV and large and small intestine and TMJ - where a lot of stress is often stored.


This was Michael - a different client with the same symptoms may require a totally different approach, however the beauty of kinesiology is that the individual’s body will give the kinesiologist the exact feedback about what it wants and in what order - so what ever is relevant can be supported.

After the 6 sessions Michael came to see me monthly for a few sessions to get balanced as he felt he needed it. Michael felt more energised and confident in his health and said he had seen a huge improvement in how he felt physically and emotionally.


He enjoyed taking his supplements which he could feel were making a difference. Within a few months Micheal felt well enough and had got a job that he loved and which fulfilled him.


A year later he met his (now) wife, they have children and he is enjoying a fulfilling life despite the traumas and illness of his past.