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With any persistent health or physical issue, please always check in with your GP or Physician prior to, or at least in parallel with booking a session at Polly Therapy. Kinesiology is not an alternative to qualified medical treatments.


Kinesiology works well in conjunction with conventional healthcare. 

With any issues it is always advisable to ensure are getting support from all possible avenues. 

Please contact me if you are unsure or would like advice before booking. 

How can Kinesiology help?


Kinesiology’s effectiveness is due to the fact is is detecting in to  the root cause of imbalances in the body in 4 main categories. Emotional/Mental, Structural, Nutritional, Energetic.


Using muscle reflex tests to receive bio feed back, imbalances in these areas can be effectively detected and balanced restored. We know that truly getting to the root cause of an issue will lead to a reduction or resolution of symptoms.


Energetically - via the Acupuncture Meridians and Energy Centres called Chakras, the body’s life force energy and the aura. 


Nutritionally/Biochemically - is there anything lacking nutritionally which is essential for cell repair or maintenance, or is there something being consumed which is draining or inflaming the body.


Structurally - Is the body in alignment structurally or is there tension in the TMJ, Micro-Inflammation in the gut or ICV. Is the spine fixed in places or moving freely. Are we lopsided structurally and is this putting pressure on our joints and ligaments. 


Emotionally/Mentally - are we emotionally inflamed, do we have support and connection. Do we feel valued and validated. Do we have belonging and safety in our relationships. Do we have emotions buried alive inside us - beaconing for our attention. Do we feel overstretched or under-stretched. Have problems with setting healthy emotional boundaries.


Imbalances in any of these areas can show up with physical symptoms and will need attention in a particular way, the body wants. This is what we call Priority order. 


Kinesiology tests for the priority issues to attend to, using muscle-reflex testing feed back. The body knows exactly what is wants and needs and this is shown very clearly via the testing which the client will also be able to feel.


A Treatment will last 1 hour and 15-30 minutes and using kinesiology to establish where imbalances are, the treatment will follow based on the needs of the individual client.


As a Rule:


All sessions will include: 


  • Testing of some Nutrition to help restore strength or balance

  • Rubbing of different Lymphatic Reflex points to establish reduce congestion, but also promote energy to relevant muscles and organs.

  • Holding or Neuro-Vascular points - mainly on the head 

  • Holding and sometimes rubbing of certain active Acupuncture points to promote energy flow and balance. Tracing of the Meridians to promote energy flow and help remove blocks. 

  • Discussion around any relevant emotions/stresses

  • Use of Bach Flower Remedies - if relevant to create bespoke combination to support client


Sessions take place in a treatment room on a treatment couch. Clients are asked to wear comfortable clothing they can move around in as they may need to turn on the couch.


If nutrition tests up as relevant and priority for the client, this will be recommended. Bespoke nutrition which has been tested in this way ensure that your body can actually use and absorb and that you never waste a penny on unwanted, unneeded, or un-absorbable nutrients and it takes the guess work out of your nutritional regime. 


As well as nutrition, if there are any other suggestions advised to support the client these will be detailed and giving to the client with a full explanation. 

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"I would 100% recommend Polly Therapy, and have done already. Kinesiology is a life changer! I recommend it all the time."