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Constellation Therapy

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Looking at issues through a 'Systemic Lens' is not a substitute or alternative to qualified Medical treatments advice and consultations.

It is always helpful to be supported by a qualified mental health professional, Councellor or Psychotherapist while undertaking deep emotional work, this can be discussed and sign posting can be arranged if required.

What sort of Issues can be looked at in a Constellation?


Usually when someone (a client) decides to do constellation work as an Issue Holder, they may have looked at that particular issue in their lives from a number of different angles already, yet have not have found a fully satisfactory solution or resolution. 


Having previously attempted to create change and finding that it is not possible in the usual practical ways, sometimes clients - called Issue Holders may decide to look and see if there are other hidden systemic family dynamics at play which could be in fact responsible or playing a part. 

Some of the most common reasons clients decide to take a look at a personal issue to see if there is a systemic imbalance may include:


  • Fear - know or unknown reasons

  • Anxiety - as above

  • Emotional and Mental Health imbalances - which don’t respond fully or completely to treatment or talk therapy 

  • Chronic or Acute Health imbalances/conditions or illness

  • Infertility 

  • Depression 

  • Addictions 

  • Self-Sabotaging behaviour/s

  • Difficulty regulating emotional states  

  • Relationship Issues

  • Family Issues 

  • Work issues

  • Lack of Joy 

  • Loss and Grief

  • Generational Patterns in the family: - suicide, depression, illness

  • A desire to feel anchored in life and self 

  • Self hate and or poor relationship to self - physically and or emotionally or both

  • Lack of feeling or personal authenticity despite a desire for it


This list is by no means exhaustive. If you are unsure about whether constellation work may be of benefit - please contact me here to enquire. 

Just like a hurricane you do not see the actual storm - you see the effects, much like in a family system.


What is Constellation work or Therapy?


It may seem like a very obvious statement - what happens in our family system of origin has a direct and continuing effect on us. However many people believe that when they leave home, or persons from previous generations pass on, the effects of those relationships with our family and ancestors is no longer active, apart from the emotion we consciously hold of towards those people/s.


This may be true to a certain extent on the conscious emotional level, however there are other dynamics hidden from view at play which are also strongly active 


Most people are not aware that the lived stories of our parents, grandparents and even great grandparents may be affecting our lives, generations later - in ways that are beyond our conscious control. 


Just like a hurricane you do not see the actual storm - you see the effects, much like in a family system.

The dynamics are invisible to the eye but are felt, at times painfully so. 


When we feel like this, often we are sensing in to the fact that on some level there are dynamics which are at play which are out of our control - The Family System is doing it’s best to balance itself in-spite of the traumas and imbalances of the past, a survival mode which ensures the family continues to exist in spite of overwhelming circumstances, however the traumas or imbalances that had no support or resolution at the time - have not gone and so they are sometimes expressed through certain individuals in the family system, a times they can expressed very unpleasant and sometimes unexplained symptoms, conditions, relationship dynamics, health issues, depression, not belonging.. the list goes on and on much later up to several generations later. 


The ‘belonging’ to our family is invisible to the eye, and yet the bonds that we can be connected to our family with - even if all our family have passed on - will have an active effect on us sometimes for up to several generations onwards. This is particularly the case when very heavy or traumatic events have taken place in a family, a society or a group. There is a scientific field of research called “Inherited Family Trauma’ which is dedicated to this subject. 


Also and notably - Personal traumas, particularly in childhood with the loss of a parent, and or abuse or having parents who were emotionally absent from us can also play a huge part in us feeling untethered in life, like we are victims to circumstance and powerless to the dynamics shaping our lives without our permission. 


Often personal trauma and trans-generational trauma go hand in hand; tragedy or trauma with lack of support and resources in previous generations often creates parents who are in part absent or lacking and who may even act out abuse that they experienced, consciously or unconsciously towards their children, creating the generational cycle of abuse and suffering. Sadly this cycle often continues until there is enough capacity in a generation to become aware of any tragedies in previous generations which are calling and beaconing for resolution via the symptoms being expressed in our lives. The symptoms are like the threads which are tied to the original traumas - once we can follow the thread back to the original source of suffering, it is possible to bring resolution and to create a movement for the client towards the change that they desire. option 


Constellation work can bring in to view some of the dynamics which are usually hidden but that are very much being felt. By bringing issues from the present or past in to clear view, resolution can be sought and balance to the system and help the client move towards peace both internally and externally.


How does Constellation Therapy look?


If you decide that doing a constellation is something you feel may be valuable to you, then there are a number of ways in which it is possible to do the work as an Issue Holder: 


1-1 in person 

1-1 online 

Group workshop setting 


How do I know which option would be best for me?


If you are unsure or would like more information then please contact me to enquire and we can discuss the options in more detail.


If you would like to bring an issue as an Issue Holder, you have a number of options available to you. 

If you would like someone to come with you to your session for support or another reason - then it might be helpful to come to a group workshop setting. In a group workshop setting -  there will also be some other participants who may also be Issue Holders, some may be experienced and some new to constellation work. There will also be a Constellation Facilitator who will lead the constellations and support the participants. 


Working in a group setting can be really valuable as it allows for the opportunity to have the Issue Holder’s issue represented fully by separate individuals in an embodied way and this can give huge perspective and a lot of contextually important information which can help the client.


If you are unsure abut working in a group then 1-1 in person may be more aligned to you needs, I am happy to work on line with individuals but the preference is usually to work with an individual in person first if this is practically possible.