Endocrine imbalances - your core health

Helping You Get Healthy by Balancing and Supporting the Hormonal System

Many illnesses, and disorders may be caused by and or made worse by an underlying hormonal imbalance. The tests many medical practitioners are able to offer can pick up issues with a person within a certain range, however often "sub-clinical" - issues that may not be detected outside this abnormal range, may then not be picked up - even if the person is feeling symptoms. This can be frustrating and tiring for both the patient and Dr's. Kinesiology is an incredible tool that may often be able to help detect and underlying imbalances before they become "clinical", often at this point requiring medical intervention and often pharmaceutical medication. While Kinesiology is an excellent therapy to have to help achieve and maintain good health, it is also an integrated therapy which is compatible alongside conventional medical care -please enquire if you have any questions regarding this. To us, nothing matters more than your health and comfort, which is why we have put in so much time and effort into advancing the skills, practice and techniques available at Pollyclinics. Please get in touch to schedule an initial consultation.