Food Sensitivity Testing

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Food Sensitivity Testing

How can food sensitivity testing help?


Digestive, Skin and Hormonal Health issues can all be related to gut health and digestive imbalances, which may be further aggravated by food intolerances. Find out which foods are beneficial and non-beneficial for you so you can incorporate them in to your lifestyle and maximise your energy and wellbeing.


This session will highlight foods that are: 

Bio-genic - Beneficial and energy giving 

Bio-cidic - take more form the body than they give

Bio-neutral - tolerated by the body and not a stressor


If food intolerances are indicated, then comprehensive advice on how to adapt your diet and nutrition accordingly will be given. Alternatives will be discussed and a time frame proposed, until retesting. 


If imbalances are highlighted in the digestive, intestinal, skin and hormonal systems - advice on how to support these issues will be given.


With any persistent health or physical issue, please always check in with your GP or Physician prior to, or at least in parallel with booking a session at Polly Therapy. Food Sensitivity Testing is not an alternative to qualified medical treatments.


Food Sensitivity Testing works well in conjunction with conventional healthcare. 

With any issues it is always advisable to ensure are getting support from all possible avenues. 

Please contact me if you are unsure or would like advice before booking.