Case Study : Food Sensitivity Testing

Client Concern



Sonja came to see me with persistent upper abdominal discomfort. She would get the discomfort at different times of the day and it did not seem to matter when or what she ate.

We did some kinesiology muscle testing, and found that Sonja had an imbalance in her stomach meridian. We then tested some common foods against the weak muscle, when WHEAT was introduced to the circuit - the muscle response changed.


We then strengthened and balanced the stomach meridian circuit and then retested the wheat and other foods.


This time wheat weakened the strengthened muscle, and it was clear that wheat was the main food being flagged as an issue. Sonja admitted that she ate a lot of wheat. We discovered that she is also a metabolic type which does not do so well on wheat.


Sonja agreed to cut wheat out of her diet fully for 3 months to see if the discomfort was helped. I also recommend a digestive aid and herbal supplement to reduce inflammation and support digestion.


I followed up with Sonja at our next session and her abdominal discomfort had totally subsided and she also reported feeling more energised.


The result from this session was Carrie reported that she has now found some peace and could live with herself despite having made a decision which she now regretted.