Case Study : Constellation 

Client Concern



Peace & Resolution

Carrie had been struggling with a decision that she had made a year ago, to have an abortion of the baby of a man she loved but who was still in his marriage. Although at the time of the abortion, Carrie felt like the decision was the best thing to save her relationship, since then she had started to have regrets and felt tormented by her decision. When Carrie came to see me, she was desperate to feel some relief from her guilt and grief which was consuming her.

We set up floor marker representatives for Carrie and for her aborted child. Using the floor markers, I stepped in to represent and give feedback about the different sensations I was experiencing in the different positions. When Carrie was ready she felt able to step on to her own marker and then relate to her aborted child. Both Carrie and the representative for her aborted child (which I represented) were able to express the grief and loss that they shared. Feeling the pain of the loss and grief allowed Carrie to move through her emotions and not to be stuck in them any longer. After she felt the pain, Carrie was able to give her aborted child a place in her family system and heart and her these movements were very healing to everyone in the system including al of the other children fro both parents.


The result from this session was Carrie reported that she has now found some peace and could live with herself despite having made a decision which she now regretted.

Working in the Systemic Field of Phenomenology we are able to work with clients towards a place of peace and relief, once whatever needs to be acknowledged is acknowledged and everyone who is relevant is given a place.


In this particular situation, what was needed was the grief and loss to be acknowledged between the mother and aborted child, and also the inclusion of the aborted child as part of the family. It could be said that - those in the realm of the dead, love to be remembered and included, and sometimes this is what is required in a constellation.


This situation could need different movements in a different client, and each system requires different attention. For the facilitator and as a representative - the field is able to offer up the healing information and movements required and this can be sensed in to through the embodied knowing. What is in the past really does affect the now, however we have access to a way of working though phenomenology to bring about movements towards peace and resolution.