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I'm Polly Dowden, I am here to offer some of the most effective and integrated ways to support your own Mind, Body and Emotions.


Sometimes healing can feel challenging, this could be an emotional issue, an unwanted pattern we keep finding ourselves in. Self sabotaging behaviour which confounds us.


Or a physical ailment or condition which is impacting our lives and limiting our ability to move forward and or experience joy. Maybe our lives are great on paper but we feel disconnect with our surroundings and the people in our lives and we can’t quite work out why.

In any of these situations, it can be immensely helpful to also look at the issue in a deeper way, from a different angle from that which we would usually take. 


Polly Therapy offers four ways you can either look at supporting or resolving an issue, or so that you can build on the positives already in your life: supporting and maintaining good health and wellbeing - deepening and building on self knowledge and awareness to bring more joy and balance.


I specialise in


The language of the body. Unlocking communication about the individual's direct needs & possible issues/limiting/blocks to health.


Kinesiology directly accesses the body and the subconscious.  Immensely helpful when testing what  is beneficial or conversely stressful: Biochemical, Energetic, Mental/Emotional, Structural.


Our body holds the key to a deeper connection with ourselves and our environment. Yoga is the discipline of meeting and connecting with your mind body and emotion consistently.


Come and meet yourself by meeting your body. Yoga asks: How are you doing today? Where are you holding tension, what we are carrying and needs out loving attention?

Food Sensitivity

Is food fuelling you or draining you? Some foods cause microscopic gut inflammation and affect the Microbiome in an adverse way, possibly affecting everything from joints to the immune system.


Find out the foods which give you energy and well being, and the foods which you may need to limit or avoid totally for your individual optimum wellbeing.

Parts Work & Constellation Therapy

Epigentetics informs us that the traumas and overwhelm of those in our ancestry show up in the current generations.


Past events beaconing resolution in the now - our attention and acknowledgement is called when sufficient resources may now be available without overwhelm.


Similarly, what was too big and would overwhelm us in our childhood/infancy/in utero - we fragment off in to another area of conciseness within our being.


Through "Embodied Knowing" we can start to reintegrate our fragmented lost parts and start to create peace in our family systems - 7 generations back and forwards. 


What my clients say

Tracey C.

For many many years suffered with menstrual migraines. They would make me really poorly, I could be written off for days. It got to the point where they were taking over my life, and doctors couldn't get to the bottom of it.


As soon as I got there Polly put me at ease. She went over the treatment and what it would involve. After 4 sessions, I have never had a migraine again and that was two years ago.


After each session, I may have felt tired but always woke up the next day feeling refreshed again. 

Having had great results in sorting my migraines out, I decided to go on to do some emotional work, to help me with a family break up from when I was young. Big feelings that I had buried for a very long time. Importantly I felt safe and ready to deal with it. Polly was totally amazing and even though this was a difficult treatment for me, I knew I had to look at it and find healing. I am now out the other side, feeling amazing. Some would say the old "me" is back!

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"Before my first session of kinesiology I did not know what to expect. I went with an open mind. I thought the session would be much like other alternative therapies I have tried. As a professional service, it far outweighed my expectations."

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